About me

Living on my own for the first time meant buying a lot of household items. A couch, a cupboard, a table, you name it. Once everything was in place, something started to gnaw. Something is not right here, but what?

Precisely, that one bulb in the so-called moving fitting made me have light, but no atmosphere. Furniture did not come into their own and everything was equally bright. Annoying light or the lack of it in all kinds of different tasks that I did. That had to change, so I went looking for beautiful lighting.

I visited all kinds of shops (internet was still in the initial phase) and looked at one lamp after the other. They were too big, too small, too much metal, poor finish, too expensive, but most of all, not my taste. Moreover, they all looked alike. What exactly was I looking for, what moved me and what would the lamp have to achieve at that location? Give a lot of light to be able to read or give a wonderful atmosphere to have a pleasant conversation or to enjoy a long meal?

I decided to make a lamp myself, made of wood. A versatile material, durable, always unique in its shape, color and texture, but above all warm and applicable everywhere.


After having made a number of lamps for my own home, I became aware that these lamps determined the atmosphere in my home for a very large part. I also want to create the atmosphere that I experience in my home for others. I decided to start a one-man business so that you can also enjoy a tailor-made and handmade lamp.


Are you looking for that unique lamp for your interior, then you have come to the right place!

Contact me and we will start the process to come together to the perfect lamp. The creation of tailor-made lighting starts with a few questions: What purpose does the lamp have? How is your interior (colors, materials, appearance, design / style)? What is your budget?

You can also choose one of my own designs, which you can find here on my website.

Willems Ontwerp, creatie van handgemaakte verlichting voor uw interieur.